How Do I Contact My Arizona State Senator?

  1. First, open this link and enter your address to find the Arizona Legislative District of your home.  Investors: write to Senators representing where you live (if you’re in Arizona) and where your rental properties are located.  (link opens up in a new tab; come back here for more instructions!)
  2. Next, knowing the Legislative District, open this link to see all Arizona State Senators.  Find the Senator representing your district.  (Click on the column heading “District” to sort the list by district number. This will make it easier to find!)
  3. You can either:
    • Click the “Email” link and fill out the information on the resulting form, or…
    • Copy the name part of the Email address, add “” to the end, and send an Email directly

What Do I Say?

Feel free to use your own words, but this is an example of what you might write.  Remember, the Senator isn’t likely to read everything if you write a lot.  Be concise, to the point.

Dear Senator <last name>:

I hope you will oppose Senator Kavanagh’s SB 1080, which reduces the wait time for an HOA to file foreclosure against a homeowner from one year to six months.  There is no reason to allow an HOA the ability to take away someone’s home for six months of arrears!  Homeowners should be protected from overzealous HOAs.

Thank you,
<your name>
<your address>

Note: It’s important to provide your address, as the Senator (or the Senator’s staff) will want to verify that you live in their Legislative District.  If you are an investor, you might include a sentence listing the locations of homes you own, state the counties they are in, or mention the number of homes if more than 5-6.